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Young Boy Orange
Young Boy Orange
cotton/ felt/ buttons

Young Boy Orange likes orange juice. And grape soda. And cherry candy. And just about anything that involves sugar and popping.

He once got a job over the summer, mowing lawns, just so he could run down to the local gas station once a week w/ twenty dollars in tow and stock up on the forbidden: peanut butter drops, chocolate kisses and licorice.

This was, more than likely, the best summer of his life. Until he had a minor heart palpitation/ panic attack due to the incredible amounts of sugar ingested and swishing around in his little veins.

Directly after the hospital visit, his mother stormed home and discovered his candy stash. And while she still encourages him to hold down a job, he is not allowed near the gas station unsupervised, anymore.

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Each Whackadoo! comes w/ it's very own handwritten story...