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Mrs. Mermaid of the Laundry Room
Mrs. Mermaid of the Laundry Room
cotton/ felt/ buttons

After being found on the shores of Maine by a family of nine, Mrs. Mermaid of the Laundry Room was rescued from her lonely heart situation. Wrapped up in a blanket, and seven hours later, she found herself in a brownstone in downtown Hoboken where the family gave her a new life in their gigantically lush laundry room. Hours are spent swimming until the chime of 6 o'clock hits, whereupon, Mrs. Mermaid of the Laundry Room towels herself off and sprouts her legs. W/ a bit of a limp and a pounding heart of gold, she then runs up the stairs...freakishly and join the family for evening supper and a detailed recap of the days events. And as the minutes pass, her face grows w/ a smile bigger than a Montana sunset...because...Mrs. Memaid of the Laundry Room loves her family, and they love her. Very, very much.

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Each Whackadoo! comes w/ it's very own handwritten story...