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Mr. Mole's Bottom
Mr. Mole's Bottom
cotton/ felt/ buttons

Mr. Mole should live under the ground, but he does not live under the ground, he lives just above it in a tiny house made of clay. He spends his days in the shadows of the earth, gardening and coaxing vegetables to grow under the faintly glowing sun.

Every now and then, in the here and there (or, in the afternoon, more specifically), Lady Clementine stops by w/ a cup of freshly made soup, usually of the vegetable stock variety, incorporating the carrots and such that Mr. Mole leaves on her doorstep, as a gift, on occasion.

They have a love that is quiet and unannounced. And for twenty years now, that is just how they like it.

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Each Whackadoo! comes w/ it's very own handwritten story...