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Mr. Octopus Head
Mr. Octopus Head
cotton/ felt/ buttons

Mr. Octopus Head is worried, a lot. He is worried about his tendrils getting tangled. He is worried about his mother's tendrils getting tangled. And he is worried about the planets falling out of the sky and bouncing off the skin of the earth.

Because you see...Mr. Octopus Head is a great thinker, but in the simplest of terms. He has grand, scoping thoughts about how much flour is in the grocery store. About how to tie shoes when you have none. And about the amount of breaths it takes to climb a mountain.

But the worst, is when...when he leaves for work (ah...when he leaves for work). Mr. Octopus Head worries to the point of wringing hands that the train will not be running on the tracks properly, that he will show up to the train stop only to see it running just along side the tracks, like what happened in his dream the other night.

But the worst worry, really is...the worst of the worst worries of this friday is...Mr. Octopus Head is extremely worried that Patty McTattle, the new secretary at the office, won't notice and/or like his new haircut. Because he really, really wants her to like his new haircut.

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