Kristen/ Bronson
Miranda Mint TipsMiranda Mint TipsMr. Chocolate MouthMr. Chocolate Mouth(Miss) Emma James AlmostStevie the Side SmilerStevie the Side SmilerStevie the Side SmilerQuestionable QuentinQuestionable QuentinQuestionable QuentinProfessor Theodore TumbleweedMiss Talulla TulipMiss Talulla TulipMarvin the GreatMarvin the GreatLady Octopus of the BayouLady Octopus of the BayouWhackadoos! at PlayWhackadoos! at PlayInspector Loud MouthSir Kiwi of the Angry FireAngry Teen AnthonyOver Anticipating OliverMr. Screaming EagleThe Young Billie Bubblegum's BumMr. Listen to MeLittle Mr. TwistedSenor Hammer HeadYoung Boy OrangeMrs. Mermaid of the Laundry RoomThe Paranoid Lady AlexandriaMr. MoleMr. Mole's BottomMr. Octopus HeadMr. Feeling Blue Because Of His Giant Thinking HeadMr. Welcome to HollywoodMr. Welcome to Hollywood's DerriereMr. Foldy MouthWhackadoos! at PlayOriginal Whackadoo!Mr. Black EyesMr. Black Eyes' BackMr. Black Eyes' Hand
Each and every Whackadoo! is a compulsion of sorts, as is most of my art. I cut away at the fabric w/ very little idea of what I'm doing. They show me their personalities rather than the other way around. I don't create them, they create themselves. I'm just the vehicle they use to three dimensionalize themselves. I'm just a willing participant. And a happy vehicle at that...