Kristen/ Bronson
The Denim Merman.Co-Workers.Diaper Boy.Dinner Napkin.Food Stain Monster.Ham Guy.Anna H.'s Dress ShirtThe Singer.Jeb is in love w/ Siri. By candlelight.Self Portrait.Self Portrait. Bartending.Turtle Girl.Walking Guy.Sarah.The Jerk w/ The Pants.Sexy 60's Singer.Jeb is in love w/ Siri. By candlelight.Anna H. and her glorious shirt.My Husband and his supernatural boyfriends...venice beach 1venice beach 2venice beach 3venice beach 4193231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654321
Paper Faces
a place for drawings and samples of writing that are oftentimes homeless. scrawled upon napkins and such. and then scrambled. these words and drawings are occasionally inspired by friends. and/or drawn w/ friends. so. the content will change on a regular basis. or never at all.