Kristen/ Bronson
"Hands Squaring Off/ Space Quilt""Hands Squaring Off/ Space Quilt""Black.Holes in Multiple/ 1""Black.Holes in Multiple/ 1""Barren""Barren""She Wants to Remember""She Wants to Remember""Conception""Conception""Orion's Belt""Orion's Belt""Blue Flowers/ And Snow (Revisited)""Blue Flowers/ And Snow (Revisited)""Ocean Wormholes + Universe Static""Ocean Wormholes + Universe Static""Black.Heart""Black.Heart""A Conversation W/ Myself""A Conversation W/ Myself""The Very Beginning""The Very Beginning""Worm.Hole/2""Worm.Hole/2""Hands Squaring Off/ 1""Hands Squaring Off/ 1""Hands Squaring Off/ 2""Hands Squaring Off/ 2""my face is tissue...""my face is tissue...""Worm.Hole/ 1""Worm.Hole/ 1""Copper.BlackHoles/ 1""Copper.BlackHoles/ 2""Copper.BlackHoles/ 3""Copper.BlackHoles/ 4""let me keep her...""let me keep her...""Radiolarian/ 1""Radiolarian/ 1""Sometimes, I Can't Speak"
Born in England, one week after attending a Moody Blues Concert, Kristen Bronson attempted to enter the world backwards but at the last minute decided to make things a little easier for her mother by somersaulting into the proper position (a run on sentence/ she is...). A series of somersaults and falls. Learning to walk and what not. And that is how her life began. Until the age of two. And cutting teeth. And wearing her face as a series of sevens (being...). Her first, middle and last name/ city, country and month that she was born in all contain seven letters, which is strange (but not as strange as...). And fast forward twenty years of moving a lot (and pack those boxes/ girl...). And in her twenties she moved even more (even more). Because. Life is a line of places. Of faces. And somewhere along the way, she forged her identity in fabric and words (and words) (misshapen as they were) (and/and...). Kristen Bronson is a writer and a quilter. And sometimes those two meet. Pencil on fabric. And yarn on paper. And thank god for L.A. Is where she is based (for now). But don't expect to see her around. Because. She. Is. Not. Just. An. Artist. (sht/ sht/ sht...). She is a tattooed tall wallflower chameleon as well (as well...). W/ a stutter to tell (and/ and...). All you have to do is listen. Click on the links. And. View. The. Demented. Projects. She. Hopes. To. Finish. Someday.