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Lady Octopus of the Bayou
Lady Octopus of the Bayou
cotton/ plastic/ buttons

Lady Octopus of the Bayou has worked hard all of her life. Her hands are calloused from pulling weeds, scrubbing floors and raising eight children w/ little to no help.

And that's why (these days)...on any given will see the Lady on her porch, candles staggered across the railing...relaxing on her swing bench...and her little feet covered in slippers pushing against the bowed in porch (in order to get the perfect momentum)...still working as she relaxes. A slightly tart lemonade in her hand and the moon just above...forever and always deep in thought as her eyes convey a wordly sense, an understanding of life's ticks and going ons...

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Each Whackadoo! comes w/ it's very own handwritten story...