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Inspector Loud Mouth
Inspector Loud Mouth
cotton/ felt/ buttons

Inspector Loud Mouth has an enormous mouth, but a very small voice. It makes the term 'hushed whispers' sound like an avalanche of glass and metal.

No...the loudness lays in the tattling of the tale. Inspector Loud Mouth loves to catch companies in the wrong. He walks through scribbling note after note about the wrongdoings and fineable offenses.

He is obsessed w/ wrongdoings and fineable offenses.

But one day...he was caught in the wrong. He had jaywalked, you see. And while there was no traffic, and it seemed safe enough to did not go unnoticed. He was given a ticket immediately by an on the foot officer. And for that...Inspector Loud Mouth was left absolutely speechless. And a little bit ashamed...

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