Kristen/ Bronson
Mr. Foldy Mouth
cotton/ felt/ buttons
W/ his garbled speech, and his shifty demeanor people always assume that Mr. Foldy Mouth is up to no good. That he is somebody to look away from when you come upon him in the street...

But Mr. Foldy Mouth is no more harmful than a butterfly (because even in the distorted, there is grace in there)...

His days are comprised of collecting bottle caps, and stray match sticks/ chewed and discarded bubblegum pieces/ and notes no longer needed.

And in the dead of night, when the air starts to fog in around him, and the neon light, from that store just there, becomes the only light w/ which to guide him...Mr. Foldy Mouth gathers his treasures. And then he builds. Builds until the early hours of the morning...the beginnings of a castle only fit for a king.

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