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Blue Flowers/ And Snow (Revisited)
Blue Flowers/ And Snow (Revisited)
cotton/ acrylic paint
Queen Size Quilt

I started this quilt a long time ago, when the moon was new and the cities weren't built. And like many others before it, Blue Flowers/ And Snow sat around, incomplete, for years. Not in storage, like the others. It was folded up, under my bed. Nagging me at every turn. In my sleep and in my wake...

This quilt was furious w/ me. And I w/ it. Then a few months ago, an artist friend of mine was organizing a show in Asheville, North Carolina. I figured I'd sew this quilt together quickly, put it up for sale as a "regular" quilt, seeing as I'd never be able to part w/ the others.

And sew I did. I attached the back to the front, turned it right side out and sealed it shut.

But out of the corner of my eye, on the shelf just there...a tub of bright orange acrylic paint was mocking me, accusingly, and flagging me down.

So, I obliged, and unscrewed the lid. And the front happened first. Splatters of paint, folded and pressed as my hands grew more orange-er.

And then an accidental fingerprint. On the back. And I had twenty minutes to get ready for work, but the compulsion was already upon me. Handprint after Handprint. Fingertips. And layers. And w/ sweat dripping down my face I think I must've been smiling bigger than I ever have.

This quilt was a mess to make. But so am I. And this is just the kind of mess I live to be a part of...