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Mr. Black Eyes' Back
Mr. Black Eyes' Back
cotton/ denim/ buttons

Measuring from arm to arm, each Whackadoo! is entirely unique in it's dimensions.
His spikes are reversed denim and/or felt and his smile is 100% red cotton.

I don't recommend leaving Whackadoos! left unattended w/ small children or animals due to their voracious appetite and politically charged personalities. Well that...and the fact that their button eyes tend to be a choking hazard.

So take one home! Awkward lulls in conversations...Mr. Whackadoo! will help. Quiet night at home?...Mr. Whackadoo! has been trained in the theater arts!

You can't lose if you're hand in arm w/ a Whackadoo! (or you can quite possibly)...

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Each Whackadoo! comes w/ it's very own handwritten story...