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Black.Hole/1 -Orange
Black.Hole/1 -Orange
cotton/ silk/ velvet/ bleach
Queen Size Quilt

I have an amazing relationship w/ black cotton and bleach. When these pieces, in particular, happen...I am in a very happy place. A mad scientist w/ gloves on and bleach in hand. I can't explain to you what the exact recipe is for these pieces, primarily because the ingredients/codes are locked in the nonverbal portion of my brain. The strictly visual, emotional and spiritual section = the part that makes your belly feel good...

This piece is absolutely King Black.Hole the 1st. I constructed this deconstructed black.hole many years ago. It sat in my storage, unbleached for years but after my love affair w/ bleach began, I headed down to my storage space and brought Black.Hole/ 1 back home again. And upon plastic wrap I set it down. And then attacked. A flurry of bleach and one fall upon the floor, I found both myself and the quilt covered and fading. And absolutely bleeding w/ truth and rowdy glee...